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Jonah and the Night Journey

The story of Jonah and the Whale is complex. It leads us to ask: where is God in suffering? When Jonah is sitting in the pitch dark in his whale, with only the smell of decomposing fish for company, a long, long way from the light of the sun, he sang a psalm of both lament and praise. Is God somehow active in the dark night of the soul?

What if...

What if only those who have walked in darkness get to see great light? What if that's the prior requirement? How would that change your life? Jesus said that the poor, the grieving, the shut out are blessed. Is that you? If so, would it change how you perceived things?

Washed any good feet lately?

In John, the action Jesus takes to sum up his life and ministry - his fundamental thing, the way he defines what it means to be like him, through one of the more humble acts of service available: he washes the disciples' feet.