Cafechurch, Faith, and Mystery

In a segment filmed for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel, author Brene Brown reflects on why she left the Roman Catholic faith of her youth, and how she has found herself back in the Episcopal church.

One of the key points she makes is that she originally “fell in love with the faith and the mystery piece.” However, over time her experience of church, “became less about faith and mystery, and more about politics and certainty.”

Existential Faith - Three Ironic Heroes of Faith

This was a session in Cafechurch where we talked about the sort of faith we want - a faith which underpins our lives, even when we don't get the things we prayed for so hard, things which God seems to approve of. The three heroes were Job, Jonah, and St Thomas - all people who had to walk a hard path, but who were fundamentally, existentially open to God.

Alister wrote a blog post along similar lines, which might interest you...

A view of the the sun rising from Mt Sinai

Work and Faith

How do we live a human life, with its rhythm of labora et ora - work and pray, and perhaps even work as prayer, and prayer as work?. We don't have easy answers, but the question feels urgent.

One question to be highlighted: how do we work out what we want to do? It seems easy enough, but actually for a lot of us it is surprisingly hard to answer. The journey begins with asking myself: what did I like to do when I was a child?

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