Magical Mystery Tour

Join us at Chalice Northcote (251 High Street Northcote) for a session curated by Jess and Andrew. It will be an engaging night of conversation and spiritual engagement. We eat together at 7pm (please bring your own everything because of COVID-19 restrictions)), and we will be done by 8:30

COVID Safe Meetings

  1. Please be on time! Kick off at 7pm. We only have 90 minutes. We'll kick off the "serious bit" at 7:30. It will, of course, be compatible with carrying on eating..
  2. We're going to use the "other" High Street entrance. The usual one is crammed with Estelle tables, and so, rather than have to hassle with them whenever we want to use the place, we'll use the other entry. The door will be open..
  3. We have a one-way system - so we'll be exiting via the fire exit at the back into the courtyard. Don't worry, it will be perfectly clear in the event..
  4. Please :
    1. Don't come if you're sick (obviously).
    2. Sign in and.
    3. Sanitise when you arrive..
  5. We aren't allowed to share food or drink. So please bring your own food and eating implements. We will have a limited supply of disposable stuff, but, you know, environment.
  6. We will need to sit in groups of up to 10 people. It might take a bit of organising.

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash