2022 Season of God

Join a community of like minds as we engage with more than three thousand years of thinking about God. You will gain understanding about the classical idea of God. You will engage intellectually, spiritually, and even artistically in what it means to talk about “God.” You will emerge with a firmer grasp on an intellectually credible faith.

What do we actually mean by the word “God”? It gets used a lot – we say “God forbid” to ward off something bad, and “thank God” when something good happens. But do we mean something particular when we talk about God? Or has modern science and rationalism rendered the word “God” meaningless, just a nostalgic mask we place over the void?

In Spring 2022, Cafechurch will spend three months talking about God. Specifically we will be spending our time engaging with the classical understanding of God through different mechanisms. We will think theologically and philosophically. We will engage artistically. We will react emotionally. We will engage in acts of worship.

At Cafechurch we believe that faith needs to be intellectually credible, as well as existentially engaging. We want to learn from the tradition: not because it has the last word to say about God, because God is inexhaustible, but because there are riches there, and we are like a person who finds a treasure in a field and then rushes excitedly off and sells all they have in order to buy that field.

We will spend three months thinking about God because the river of modernity is running dry, and so we need to go upstream to see what we can find at the source. Because we want to drink deep of the living water of life. Because we see reconstruction of faith as a live. lifegiving possibility. Because the idea of a loving, self-giving God is beautiful and worth immersing ourselves in. Because if we don’t think well about God, who else is going to do it for us?
In this endeavour, we are going to be making a lot of use of David Bentley Hart’s Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss. Each month we will engage with one of these three ways of considering God.

Every Tuesday - September - November 2022 - Starts at 7pm, byo dinner, at Chalice Northcote Uniting Church

You will find more resources on the Chalice website at Season of God Resources. The aim is to update this set of resources regularly as we engage with the Season of God 2022.

I do hope you will join us!

Rev Alister Pate